Project „LIFE fit for REACH“

AAPC experts, together with other companies from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, participated and finalized the project „Baltic Pilot Cases on Emission Reduction through Substitution of Hazardous Chemicals and Resource Efficiency“ (LIFE Fit for REACH). The AAPC experts  carried out a socio-economic impact assessment of the implementation of substitution scenarios in six partner companies and nine non-partner companies of the project. This meant looking at the substitution of hazardous chemical substances by less hazardous or non-hazardous substances or the introduction of resource efficiency measures, compared to the baseline scenario of business done as usual. Included was the contextualisation of the wider socio-economic scale for companies to better understand the costs and benefits that could be achieved by on boarding related measures. The AAPC experts were also responsible for developing Policy Recommendations to various stakeholders stemming from the project results. The Recommendations list the findings from the project work with companies on substitution and improvements in chemicals management. From the findings, recommendations were derived relating to different topics (inventory, awareness, compliance, substitution, support tools for companies etc.).